Specialist business care plans for your computers - The ultimate worry free care plan keeping your I.T running smoothly and securely

£12.50 per month for the first computer and then £7.50 for each additional computer

Amazing value care plan, package price original value £300 per year (saving up to £150 per year per computer)

What you get:

What you get:

Keeps your computer healthy, clean and safe

State of the art software performs regular scans and repairs and produces detailed reports for us to action, providing secure monitoring, repair and maintenance of your computer, 24 hours a day. We can schedule scan and maintenance procedures and even choose when to implement Windows 10 updates. This software negates the need for a physical healthcheck but you are always welcome to bring your computer to our workshop in Wetherby for a physical clean as and when you require. Click here to see exactly what ongoing care and maintenance the software provides.

Keeping your personal data safe and all online activity out of harm’s way (parental control software included)

Award-winning, professional antivirus software, fully updated protecting your system from all forms of viruses, adware, malware, hackers, ransomware and key loggers.

Quickly restore your personal data in the event of theft or system crash

Cloud backup – automatically uploads your files to our secure UK data centres.

Allows repairs to be performed without the need for a visit

Remote access software installed on all your devices allowing instant access to your IT saving time and money

Worry free computing

All antivirus and backup faults resolved as part of the plan and all other “out of plan” repairs at reduced rate  – workshop only.

Ongoing support

Free ongoing advice and support by email/workshop often saving the need for an engineer visit


Please click here to see terms and conditions

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